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Welcome to sellbuyrent

Welcome to sellbuyrent

 After years of being involved in real estate, I have been able to determine what sellers really want, but don’t often get from their Agent.

It’s really very simple:

Vendors want service, feedback, honesty and results.

Selecting the right agent can be a stressful and confusing decision to make, so go back to the basics. What do you want and expect from your sales agent? If it’s service, feedback, honesty and results the obvious answer is ... you need sellbuyrent to represent you and your property.

We can offer you years of experience, competitive fees, excellent marketing that reaches prospective buyers across the globe and real dedication that sees your home being promoted all day, every day.
If you are serious about selling your home, you want someone who is ready to work for you to ensure you sell in an efficient and effective manner.

Ready to sell your home? Call the team at sellbuyrent today.

Four Reasons Why You Should Choose a Small Agency Over Larger Agency

Four Reasons Why You Should Choose a Small Agency Over Larger Agency

  1. All buyers shop by the same means, the internet. If your property is on our major websites, the size of the agency does not matter, it’s how your property is marketed that’s of paramount importance.
  2. The Agent is focused solely on your property. The buyer is not pushed to purchase a particular property so the listing Agent or selling Agent gets paid.
  3. Is the buyer able to contact the Agent easily? Our agency is ready to take your enquiry all day, everyday, and we’re ready to book your property buyer’s inspection pronto.
  4. You won’t get lost in the cracks. Our smaller agency is driven to service our vendors and understand that every vendor expects 110% communication from their Agent. Our smaller profile means that we have more time to spend servicing you, our client.


The Great Advantage of Selling with sellbuyrent

The Great Advantage of Selling with sellbuyrent

Communication commitment:

We provide week by week progress reports, inspection feedback, open house enquiry and internet statistics. Your house will get sold if it’s positioned correctly in the current market. How will you know this? Feedback! How many inspections have you had; what are buyers saying about your property; is the property on track to be sold? The answers are there when you ask the right questions, listen to the answers and market your property accordingly.

Information, information and more information:

The more information we research about your home, the stronger we are able to sell your property accurately. At sellbuyrent we LOVE information and this is one of our key strengths. By the time we have finished listing your home, we will know as much, if not more than you do about your property and our buyers will benefit from this.

Buyers love an agent that has ALL the answers, and we do!

Our marketing is more than just photos, we capture absolutely everything that is important about your home and present it to buyers in a clear and colourful design, that is easy to read and understand.

Your agent:

We make a point of getting to know both our sellers and buyers, so we can understand what both parties really need in a real estate transaction. By listening, understanding and providing my advice, in a professional and helpful manner, we will work together, as a team, to sell your property without stress and complication.

Our Services

Our Services

 Just because your fee is low, doesn't mean your service is less... in fact it's just the opposite!

Because sellbuyrent is a locally owned agency and we operate without the overheads of a larger franchise, we can afford to pass these savings onto you.

When you list with sellbuyrent we can offer you:

  • Helpful advice on how to prepare your property for the market.
  • Excellent property marketing via the major industry real estate websites, newsprint and local media.
  • Successfully negotiate the sale of your property with price and terms that are acceptable to both parties, and further prepare the contract of sale or necessary instructions to your solicitor.
  • Ensure all conditions of the contract are met with assistance with pest and building inspections, tenancy agreements and other specified terms.
  • Deliver contracts between the seller and buyer to ensure signing in a timely manner.
  • Monitor any finance conditions with local banks and brokers.
  • Book and attend pre-settlement inspections to ensure settlement will occur without delay, confusion or penalty.
  • Liaise with your solicitor for the disbursement of settlement funds.
  • Collect and hold keys until settlement confirmation has been received.
  • Talk you through each step, and ensure your plans for the future fall into place.

A Vendor's Perspective

Before You List Your Home For Sale

Before You List Your Home For Sale

Our handy checklist will help keep you focused on the important issues—both before placing your home on the property market and throughout the entire sales process and the smallest improvements and modifications can greatly affect the end result and sale price.

First impressions count

Our experience shows that a relatively small investment of time and money into the presentation of your home can pay off many times over in the long run. Today’s buyers are savvy. They will look for the most attractive home in their price range (and inspect these properties first). The most experienced assessment of your home’s presentation potential comes from your agent, whose daily work revolves around selling a desirable product for the highest achievable price.

Check the view from the street

Buyers are initially attracted to or put off by the external appearance of your property. Most buyers purchase largely for emotional reasons. They buy a home because they love it. Winning them over after they’ve formed a negative opinion is much more difficult, if not, almost impossible. Simply help them fall in love from the moment of their very first encounter with your home.

  • Check exterior lighting, replacing globes if required.
  • Wash garbage bins and place out of sight.
  • Sweep the patio / verandah and driveway, remove any oil stains.
  • Clean and de-clutter the garage/carport.
  • Clean and repair or replace gates and garage doors, oil any squeaky hinges.
  • Ensure the letterbox is visible and clean with a street number.
  • Freshen all exterior paint work to make more appealing including fencing if needed.
  • Repair or replace any damaged or leaning fencing.
  • Ensure the door bell, door knocker or chimes are attractive and in working order.
  • Wash doors and security doors, screens and window sills, inside and out.
  • Replace any cracked windows or torn screens.
  • Buy a thick and welcoming doormat.
  • Wash spouting and fascia's.
  • Replace any cracked roof tiles.
  • Remove leaves and rubbish from gutters and drains.
  • Do whatever else you can think of, to make the property warm and welcoming and feeling of home.

How is the garden looking?

  • An overgrown and messy garden can not only repel potential buyers, it also suggests that it takes lots of time and effort to maintain. Minimal maintenance is an increasingly desirable lifestyle trend. It’s time to roll your sleeves up and get dirty!
  • Attend to overgrown lawns, garden beds, trees shrubs and hedges. If plants are covering windows, trim back to allow natural light inside the property.
  • Mow lawns regularly throughout the selling period.
  • Trim all the edges and sweep the paths.
  • Water the grass and garden frequently, green grass is appealing (observe water restrictions).
  • Turn soil over and weed garden beds.
  • Add some flowers to garden beds or hanging pots to add brightness and colour.
  • Store unused toys and tools out of sight.
  • Remove all rubbish and garden clippings.

Outdoor entertaining is in!

  • Create an ambiance that has buyers imagining their first social gathering in their new home.
  • Keep areas clean and free of leaves, toys, tools and clutter.
  • Clean the BBQ, pot belly or pizza oven.
  • Clean outdoor furniture and arrange neatly.
  • Ensure all lights, lamps and any other fixtures are clean and working.
  • Clean timber decking and re-coat with oil if necessary.
  • If you have a pool, pond or fountain, ensure everything is in working order including pool latches.
  • Replace any damaged uneven paving if necessary.
  • Remove any dead plants and replace with bright ones.
  • Does the home say ‘welcome’?
  • The interior of your home must be as clean, spacious and as clutter free as possible. The idea is to create a clean slate, where potential buyers immediately see the potential to add their possessions and individual special touches to make it a home; their home. Make people feel that they want to live here.

Clean the home from floor to ceiling, including:

  • Have a general spring clean, tidy wardrobes, throw out un-matching Tupperware, old linen, unused or broken toys and roll up your sleeves for a good old clean in every nook and cranny. 


De-clutter everything

  • Have a garage sale before you sell, not after.
  • Remove all posters and blue tack from walls, which makes rooms look smaller.
  • Clean and re-organise all cupboards and storage areas.
  • Remove excessive items from kitchen bench tops, the top of the fridge and fridge door.
  • Re-arrange furniture to show off your rooms and consider putting excess furniture / items into storage.


  • Inspect everything from top to bottom and replace or repair anything that’s necessary to create a welcoming environment.
  • Fix and repairs any cracks in walls or ceilings.
  • Check for dripping taps, cracking doors and sticking windows.
  • Ensure curtain and sliding doors tracks are gliding smoothly.
  • Ensure all tiling and grouting is clean and in good condition.
  • Re-coat timber floors if necessary.
  • Check all lights and replace globes where necessary.

Add some special touches for some extra sparkle

  • Place fresh, scented soap in the bathroom.
  • Use room deodorisers for freshness / fragrant plugs in’s.
  • Polish any woodwork, chrome and stainless steel.
  • Place some attractive flowers or a bowl of fruit on the kitchen bench.
  • Enhance your home with flowing air, music, vibrant plants and flowers and your best tableware, bedding, cushions, linen and towels.
  • Use carefully placed mirrors to create a sense of more space, especially at the entrance to give the impression of openness.
  • Present your home with as much light as possible, either natural or with high-wattage globes, especially if the home is small or if selling in winter.

Open Homes and Inspections

  • An ‘Open for Inspection’ is where all your hard work is shown off. In addition to all the previous tips mentioned, the tips below will help you create a winning first impression to ensure you will receive the maximum value for your home.
  • Empty all bins and ensure they are clean and free of odour.
  • Remove all washing from the clothesline and dirty washing from the laundry, conceal in washing machine or dryer.
  • Ensure all dishes are done and the dishwasher is emptied.
  • Make sure all large and noisy appliances are turned off.
  • Store your valuables in a secure place.
  • Ensure that the temperature in the room is comfortable.
  • Light the fireplace in winter months.
  • Open all curtains and blinds for maximum natural light.
  • Enhance the rooms with artificial light, especially in darker areas of the property.
  • Eliminate odours by opening windows and spraying the room with air freshener.
  • Place fresh flowers in strategic places for brightening your home.
  • Turn off the television and radio.
  • Place soft ambient music giving a sense of tranquillity in the room.
  • Leave the home during inspections to give prospective buyers a sense of freedom, comfort and potential ownership.
  • Keep pets out of the way, preferably outside of the house.
  • Leave your car out of the garage to create extra space.
  • Trust your Agent to present your home in its best light.

Marketing and Advertising

Many vendors skimp on marketing, thinking it saves them dollars. In fact, quite the opposite is true. An individually tailored advertising campaign specifically targeting to your target market ensures plenty of early, avid interest. At sellbuyrent Real Estate we help you determine your budget, expectation of how you would like to see your property marketed and then design a package just for you and your home.


Consider using quality night or dusk photography to make your house stand out from the crowd.


The use of as many property websites as possible and upgrading to the highest quality features will greatly increase the number of views of your property and the quality of buyers.


Using a prominently positioned sign or photo board allows your home to be showcased from the inside creating much more of an impact.


Good quality colour brochures with a professional floor and site plan will help buyers to remember your home.


All print media offer ‘free’ editorials within their publications. Ask your agent to submit your property for consideration.


Local Newspaper

When your property enters the market, you are faced with the competition of other seller’s properties. The list of your property’s features must stand out, showcasing your property with two or more photos.


The value you put on the property should be high enough to ensure a great result but not too high as to scare off potential buyers. Over pricing can result in the property being listed on the market for sale for a long time, therefore the property will appear stale or flawed in some way.



Pre-selling Checklist

Pre-selling Checklist

Have you...

Spent time researching your agent so you are comfortable with your decision to trust both their expertise and integrity?

Assessed with your agent ways to maximise your home’s strengths and minimise its weaknesses in key areas?

Started working on your home’s presentation and organised contractors to carry out necessary works?

Developed appropriate marketing strategies, worked out a strategic selling price and settlement time frame?

Notified your agent of any relevant notices received from any authorities, the occupier of adjoining land etc?

Located your title and rates certificates?

Worked out a realistic budget that includes home improvements, advertising and agents fees?

Started thinking about and arranging your move?

Want to know what others think?

Want to know what others think?

Take time to read through some of my testimonials from past buyers and sellers and when you have finished reading you will understand exactly why exceptional service is important to me.


Dear Heidi, I’d like to say a big thank you for taking care of the sale of my unit. For someone living 300km from Wodonga, your regular updates by phone and e-mail were terrific and your professionalism and phone manner is first class. You were an absolute pleasure to do business with and I wish you all the best for the future. Thanks again. R. O’Keefe.


Dear Heidi, I couldn’t resist this card. I hope you can take time out, drink a glass of Champaign, eat a chocolate and give yourself a big congratulatory rest for doing a job so well with warmth, integrity and a genuine care for your client. You will always be remembered with the highest regard. Thank you. P. & J. Mathison


Dear Heidi, Thank you so much for all of your help with the sale of our Wodonga house. I can’t begin to tell you how much easier the whole process has been with your friendly, professional advice and assistance the whole way through. Thanks again, S. & B. Klimecki.


Dear Heidi, We would like to thank you very much for the wonderful service we have received from you in our purchase of a block of land. You went out of your way which was very much appreciated. We highly recommend you. Thank you once again. S. & M. Gardner


Dear Heidi, just a note to say thank you for the excellent service provided in the sale of my property. A special thanks for your outstanding service, communication and professionalism. You always kept me informed of where we were up to. I was very pleased with the service and will be highly recommending you to others wanting to sell property.  M. Hickey


Heidi Bourke sold my residential property. In respect of my dealings with Heidi, I found her to be a pleasure to deal with at all times. She was helpful, very efficient and always available to take my calls. I would recommend Heidi to anyone wishing to sell or buy property. S. Bailey


We felt that we were Margy’s only clients. She dealt with us at all times with professionalism, honesty and humour. It was a pleasure. J & C Miller


Margy showed me through a few properties and suggested others to look ast that my have appealed to me. I felt she listened to me and had my best interests at heart in choosing a home that I would be happy to own and live in. I can- not fault the service I received from Margy. P. Henshaw


I just wanted to relay our pleasure at this quick result—Margy did an excellent job in looking after our best interests and we are grateful for this. You may believe that this ‘goes without saying’, but in my experience, unfortunately, many agents do not always look after their client. Margy was great on feedback, concerns and totally upfront with me and I would like you to than her for me and relay my appreciation. P. Upshall.


Your Marketing Campaign

Your Marketing Campaign

 Choosing the right campaign for your property is unique to each listing. Together we will select what’s appropriate for your property and more importantly, choose a campaign based on how you would like prospective buyers to see your home.

Professional photography—taken by Geoff Beck, Ridgidigital Media

Signage—Be seen and be SOLD

Internet connectivity—,, and

Border Mail—select a size that suits your home and budget or let us create a custom advert that’s just right for you.


Signage to a property offers much more that alerting the public to the agency contact details. Many properties have been sold from the erection of a signboard due to the home being in a popular street, offering a lovely façade or street aspect or simply one of the neighbours has been looking to reinvest in the immediate area. Choose from our clean agency sign or let us custom design a photo signboard to reflect the best aspects of your home to prospective buyers.


Buyers love information and at sellbuyrent we ensure that as much detail as possible is noted on your brochure. Age, builder, allotment size, squares of living, rates, potential rent return are all noted. If a buyer is seeking any information on your home and they have all the property particulars immediately, their decision to purchase is often quicker as important information is ready at hand to help make this important decision.


The world wide web is a fascinating tool and prospective buyers are using this media resource to buy property faster and from further distances than ever before. Selling sight unseen is now the new normal due to the ability to advertise high quality professional images, confidence to purchase from long distances is stronger. Viewing a property on the internet should be considered your first inspection and should attract a buyer to act promptly to inspect or call for further detail. The way in which we stage our homes, prepare for photography and write your description all serves for the purpose of creating a strong and success selling campaign that starts with your property being advertised on the internet. We offer several different advertising sizes based on your property needs and budget.

Feature Property

  • Seen before Standard ads in search results to stand out from the crowd.
  • More exposure—an interactive photo carousel shows multiple pictures of your property showcasing its best features.
  • Know how your property is tracking– your agent can give you updates on the number of people viewing your property.

Highlight Property

  • Be seen towards the front, your Highlight Property ad will appear before Feature Property and Standard ads.
  • Grab buyer attention—invite more enquiry with a large ad and photos double the size of a Standard ad.
  • Rotate to the top—every 30 days your property rotates to the top of search results to ensure your property stays top of mind.

Premier Property

  • Be seen first by more buyers—Premiere Properties appear first in all suburb, state and region search results.
  • Biggest ad—with largest photos to invite more enquiry from buyers.
  • Rotate to the top—every 15 days your property rotates to the top so it’s seen by new buyers.


  • Emails are sent directly to active buyers.
  • Increase your property views and enquiries.
  • Boost interest in your property
  • Your Agent can see the number of emails sent and property views.

 continue to the next section for some marketing campaign examples...

Your Marketing Selection

Your Marketing Selection

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your agent.

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